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In loving memory

Ch Tormas Amazon Lady "Amy"

Amy was our first Bullmastiff.

We had thoroughly researched all dog breeds and had decided to go down to the local dog show and see our two finalists in the flesh. One being the Bullmastiff and the other the Rottweiler. We were pointed in the direction of the Bullmastiffs and there was no need to continue our search. There we saw this little pudgy four month old puppy sitting upright, ears flying, greeting everyone that passed. 'Love at first sight!'.

Unbelievably this puppy was for sale and we quickly organized payment. We couldn't believe our luck. What a perfect day! We had no intention of showing 'Amy' at that stage, but after meeting and talking to some exhibitors we thought it sounded like a bit of fun. And there is what started my show career and obsession to compete in the conformation ring with Bullmastiffs.

To our surprise 'Amy' gained her Australian Champion Title and I gained a hobby I love. Further down the track we decide upon a mate for 'Amy' and we bred our first litter. What an experience! We kept a male from this litter 'Digby', who in turn gained his Australian Championship title and ended up being one of our most successful show dogs.

Despite all this 'Amy' was always at her most comfortable when curled up on the front seat of my husbands van ready for their days work. She was a beautiful girl and we treasured every memory we had with her. She is the one to credit for our continued support in this Majestic breed. Thank you Amy.

Pedigree of Ch Tormas Amazon Lady - 3rd April 1991 - November 1997

Sire: Gemtor Isaac (Imp UK) Gemtor King Bejamin (UK) Eng Ch Bombadillo of Bunsoro (UK)
Petabrook Ling (UK)
Gemtor Crystal (UK) Todomas Marquis (UK)
Caiterlee Angelina of Gemtor (UK)
Dam: Bulwaren Sweet Sue Ch Bullmaster Big Guns Ch Bullmaste Sampson
Delachase Cassandra (Imp UK)
Ch Buldieblo Lady Chokita Ch Bulwaren Jackson
Chequers Lady Buffie



Ch Nightquest Brave Apollo "Digby"

How do I start? Digby met with an untimely death just short of seven years old. This tragedy devastated us as a family and took a great deal of time to get over.

He was our first home bred dog, our first home bred Champion, our protector, our friend, and our everything. He was very loyal and very clever. He is missed everyday of our lives.

Digby loved the show ring and possessed such effortless movement he was a joy to watch. He made my show ring hobby a dream come true with countless awards.

He sired 3 litters of puppies and from these one from the 'Dayquest' prefix and two from the  'Bullspirit' prefix went on to become Australian Champions.

We luckily retained a pup from his last litter - 'Pedro' - and he reminds us of his Dad everyday. They have an uncanny likeness.

We were very fortunate to have been owned by such a unique dog.

Pedigree of Ch Nightquest Apollo - 9th March 1995 - January 2002

Sire: Ch Bulconan Brave Pagan Bulwaren The Man In Red Ch Colom Donald (Imp UK)
Ch Bulwaren Stephanie
Ch. Bulwaren Lady Gay Ch Bulwaren Jackson
Ch Rose Queen Of Colom (Imp UK)
Dam: Ch Tormas Amazon Lady Gemtor Isaac (Imp UK) Gemtor King Benjamin (UK)
Gemtor Crystal
Bulwaren Sweet Sue Ch Bullmaster Big Guns
Ch Buldieblo Lady Chokita

Hips: R:9 - L:8  

Show Results


  • Puppy Sweepstakes - 1st (Entry 66)  4th (Entry 44)
  • 3 x Baby Puppy In Group
  • 4 x Puppy In Group - 2 x Puppy In Show
  • 5 x Junior In Group - 3 x Junior In Show
  • 4 x Intermediate In Group
  • 1 x Open In Group - 1 x Open In Show
  • 5 x Champion In Group - 5 x Champion In Show
  • 4 x Best Exhibit In Group - 2 x Best Exhibit In Show
  • Runner Up Encouragement Award Final 1997 - Entry Over 400 All breeds


  • 1st Minor Puppy Dog - Melbourne Royal Show 1995
  • 1st Intermediate Dog - Melbourne Royal Show 1996
  • 1st Intermediate Dog and Reserve Challenge - Royal Melbourne Show 1997


  • Best Exhibit In Show - Giant Breeds Match 1996

  • Best Exhibit In Show - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria's Open Show 1996

  • Victoria's Junior Bullmastiff Of The Year 1996
  • Best Body - N.S.W. Championship Show 1997
  • Best Interstate Owned and Handled - South Australia's Championship Show 1998
  • Best Movement - South Australia's Championship Show 1998
  • Best Movement - N.S.W. Championship Show 1998
  • Best Owner, Bred And Handled - Victoria's Silver Anniversary Championship Show 1998
  • Victoria's Bullmastiff Of The Year 1998
  • Victoria's Bullmastiff Of The Year 1999
  • Best Owner, Bred and Handled - Victoria's Championship Show 2000
  • Best Sire and Progeny - Victoria's Championship Show 2000


Ch Gameguard Brianna "Brie"

Wonderful grand old Brie.

She was loved and adored by so many people. We would like to thank Cilla Mullen for making her last years such happy ones.

We need to thank Glenn and Ernie Sparham (Gameguard Kennels) for our opportunity to incorporate the famous Gameguard / Graecia lines into our breeding program.

I will never forget the first day I laid eyes on this girl, 'the head' she has an amazing head, so unique and yet feminine.

Brie is the foundation of nearly everything we have today. She has given us wonderful heads and the breed type that we were so in ore of in the past. She is a true Bullmastiff bitch with amazing qualities such as pigment, head, substance and soundness.

She will always be so very special to us for the assets she has past along in her genes. Rest peacefully you dear old girl.

Pedigree of Ch Gameguard Brianna - 16th March 1998- 3rd June 2007

Sire: Ch Powerbulmas Diditagain Powerbulmas Wyat O Bargo Ch Kangala Yohan
Ch Powerbulmas Flame Obargo
Ch Graecia Araminta (Imp UK) Eng Ch Iron Bru of Evenstar (UK)
Graecia Thesis (UK)
Dam: Ch Little Treasure of Graecia
(Imp UK)
Graecia Centaurus (UK) Eng Ch Graecia Mercury (UK)
Graecia Thesis (UK)
Lucky Charm (UK) Herguardian Knight Ranger (UK)
Grallon Desolution Angel (UK)

Hips: R:5 - L:6   Elbows: R:0 - L:1


  • 2 x Junior In Group
  • 1 x Intermediate In Group
  • 1 x Open In Group
  • 1 x Open In Show


  • 1st Intermediate Bitch and Reserve Challenge - Royal Melbourne Show 1999


  • Runner Up In Show and Open In Show - Victoria's Open Show 1999 

  • 2nd Best Head - Victoria's Championship Show 2000

  • 2nd Open Bitch - Victoria's Championship Show 2001 Under breed specialist judge: Mr. W. Warren (U.K.)
  • 3rd Open Bitch - B.C.V. Championship Show 2002
  • Best Head in Show - B.C.V. Championship Show 2002
  • 2nd Australian Bred Bitch - B.C.V. Championship Show 2003 Under brachycephalic specialist Mrs. J. Brownlee - formerly from U.K


3rd/17 Open Bitch - 2nd National Bullmastiff Specialty Show N.S.W. 2002
Under breed specialist judge:
Mrs. Angela McInness (U.K.) Morvern Kennels
Good sized bitch with feminine head. Good reach of neck, strong straight front, good shoulder angulation.
Deep and broad in chest and loin. Very good mover, nice easy action.


Ch Nightquest Makybe Diva "Diva"

I hoped it was not true, that it may all go away.
But tragically it is and it hasn't and I am left without my special girl by my side.

So unexpected, so quick, so young..............so unfair.
She took a piece of me with her and I long for for it back everyday.

With her here I was whole, our family was complete.
I miss her so much, nothing can express the grief I feel for her.

I miss our cuddles and all the secrets we shared.
I miss her face, her stunning exquisite face.
I miss her smile, her beautiful contagious smile.
I miss her eyes, eyes that told me she understood every word I said.
I miss the way she would stamp her feet a twist in circles whenever she saw the children.
I miss so many things that when I try to write them down I feel I'm not doing her justice.

I was in awe of her beauty, her presence and her affectionate nature. I am so grateful for having known her and she will always be what I strive for in my breeding.  Till we meet again my gorgeous, special DIVA.

Pedigree of Ch Nightquest Makya Diva - 9th November 2005- 17th January 2008

Sire: Ch Nightquest Rising Fast Ch Bulltiful Y Didnt U Call Ch Blackslates Boston Blend (Imp USA)
Ch Centaur Woomerah Dame
Ch Nightquest Lets Elope Ch Gameguard Arion (IID)
Ch Gameguard Brianna
Dam: Ch Gameguard Quince Gameguard Lancer Ch Soloshel Rocabilly
Ch Gameguard Brianna
Gameguard Indigo (IID) Bramarley Chico (UK)
Ch Mercurys Eclipse of Graecia (Imp UK)

Hips: R:3 - L:5   Elbows: R:0 - L:0


  • Puppy of Breed - Association of All Mastiff Breeds Victoria 24/9/2006 = Judge - Mrs. Lyn Harwood
  • Best Of Breed at the Caulfield Pet & Animal Expo 3/2/07 (Victorian Point score) - Judge - Mr. R. Redhead (S.A)
  • Runner Up To Best Exhibit In Group 6, Best Junior in group & BOB at Eltham Championship Show 24/3/07 (Victorian Point Score) Out of a group entry of 249 All Breed Dogs.
    Judge - Mr. P. Warby (NSW)
  • Runner Up Best Of Breed & Best bitch - Assoc. All Mastiff Breeds Victoria Champ Show 2007 - Judge - Mr. David Brace
    All Mastiff Breeds Club Victoria 2007


  • Challenge Bitch - Royal Melbourne Show 29/9/2006 at only 10 months of age - Judge - Ms. Carla Molinari (Portugal)
  • Reserve Challenge Bitch - Royal Melbourne Show Sept 2007
    Judge - Mr. Antonio Calypso (Brazil)


  • Runner Up Best in Show & Minor In Show - B.C.V. Open Show June 2006 - Judge - Ms. Denise Knight

  • Puppy in Show - New South Wales Championship Show 16/9/2006
    Judge - Breed Specialist Mr. Barry Marion of Treebrook Kennels S.A.

  • 3rd/16 Best Head - New South Wales Championship Show 2006
    Judge - Breed Specialist Mrs. Kath Marion of Treebrook Kennels S.A.
  • Opposite Puppy In Show - B.C.V. Championship Show 1/10/2006
    Judge - Breed specialist Mr. Andrew Burt
     Dogz Online Pointscore 2007
     Dogz Online Pointscore 2007
    Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria 2007


Puppy in Show - New South Wales Championship Show 2006
udge - Breed Specialist Mr. Barry Marion of Treebrook Kennels S.A.
Critique - A sound bitch of good breed type, head square with broad muzzle and level bite, pigment good. Topline a little soft but should improve with age.

Opposite Puppy In Show - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Championship Show 2006
Judge - Breed Specialist Mr. Andrew Burt.
Critique - 10 month old fawn bitch. A little longer than high in balance. Excellent head. Good breadth and depth of skull. Ideal stop. Beautiful eye shape and colour. Excellent breadth of muzzle. Mouth disappointing. Excellent breadth of chest. Well boned. Excellent feet. Dark nails. Reasonable front angulation but upper arm needs to be longer. Excellent spring of rib. Slightly longer in loin than I like to see. Well angulated and well developed hind quarters. Tail well set on. Topline on the stack is reasonable. Excellent marked fawn bitch with coat out of bloom on the day. Reasonably true out and back although crabs slightly. Nice reach and drive.

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW & BEST OPEN IN SHOW - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Championship Show 2007
Judge - Breed Specialist Mrs. Anne Marie Class (France)
Critique - Lovely bitch very well shown, beautiful head with excellent proportion, lovely mask, excellent body in construction and proportion, well muscled, topline could be firmer, excellent mover, very sound.


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