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'BISS Grand Ch Nightquest Head Turner'

Smash is our eldest male at Nightquest and was Elise's pick of a lovely litter by Trixie and Bravo. He is a striking fawn boy with a super outline. He has a faultless temperament…..except for his inability to comprehend what ‘no jumping’ means. His incredible show career which has exceeded our expectations includes a Best Exhibit In Specialty Show.

25/4/17 Smash gained his Grand Champion Title.

Smash is a proven stud dog with excellent hip and elbow scores.
Progeny to gain their Australian Champion Title:
Ch Mymooch Smashing Diva, Ch Mymooch Smash Effect, Nightking Diamond In The Ruff, Nightking Deal Me In.



Sire: BISS, BIS, SUP Ch Bullsrkool Gift From Above

Fin Ch GameKeeper's Make My Day

FCI Ch. INT, Ch. GER. Ch. UK Ch. Ferdhu Rostar (UK)

INT. Ch. NORD. CH. Gamekeeper's Famous in Fables (Nor)

Bullsrkool Shesso Smooth

Ch. Nightquest Poseidon

Grizzmuffley Insatiable

Dam: BISS Ch Nightquest Century Miss

Ch. Nightquest Tobin Bronze

Ch Bulltiful Why Didn't You Call

Ch Nightquest Let's Elope

Ch Nightquest Scarlet

Ch Boadicea Iron Duke

Ch Nightquest Ethereal

Date of Birth:  11/12/13        
Hips: R:2 L:0  Elbows: R:0 L:0       International Grade A

Show Results


    Town & Country Kennel Club [CH]
    Judge -
    Mrs M Gostelow

  • 26-April-14 BABY PUPPY IN GROUP
    Greensborough & Dist Kennel Club [CH]
    Judge - Ms S Edmunds (NSW)

  • 7-Jun-14 OPPOSITE BABY PUPPY IN SHOW (to his sister) - 6th National Bullmastiff Specialty Show - Judge - Ms Fiona Miller (Meitza Bullmastiffs - Scotland)

  • 8-Jun-14 1st Baby Sweepstakes (entry 12)
    6th National Bullmastiff Specialty
    Judge -
    Dr William Crozier (NSW)

  • 6-Jul-14  MINOR IN GROUP
     Victorian Poultry K.C [CH]
    Judge - Ms C Birch (Vic)

  • 26-Jul-14 PUPPY IN GROUP
    Heidelberg & District Kennel Club [CH]
    Judge was Ms Karen Harrison (NZ)

  • 11-Sept-14 PUPPY OF BREED
    Royal Adelaide Show
    Judge - Mr John Rowton (Canada)

  • 20-Sept-14 JUNIOR IN SHOW
    Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty
    Judge - Ms Yanina Smith (Tas)

  • 11-Oct-14 JUNIOR IN GROUP
    Ballarat Dog Club
    Judge - Mrs M Gostelow

  • 25-Oct-14 PUPPY IN GROUP
    Euroa Kennel Club
    Judge- Mrs C Scotton


  • 7-Feb-15 JUNIOR IN GROUP
    Classic Dog Show
    Judge - Mrs Elizabeth Smith

  • 7-Mar-15 JUNIOR IN GROUP
    Mt Elephant K.C
    Judge - Ms C Birch

    Bullmastiff Club Of NSW
    Judge - Ms Donna Jobe (NZ)

    Werribee Barwon K.C
    Judge - Mrs June Ashton (SA)

  • 19-Sep-15 DOG CHALLENGE
    Royal Melbourne Show
    Judge - Mr Rui Oliveira (Portugal).

    Romsey K.C
    Judge - Mrs Shelley Marshall

  • 31-Oct-15 BEST HEAD IN SHOW
    Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria
    Judge - Mrs Marlene Martin

    Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty
    Judge - Mrs Pat Hall (NSW)



    Bullmastiff Club Of South Australia Specialty
    Judge was Mrs G Fletcher (NZ)

    Royal Melbourne Show
    Judge - Mr H Kamisato (Japan)


    Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty
    Judge - Mr Dimitry Alexander Van Raamsdonk (Netherlands)


    Noorat & District Kennel Club
    Judge - Mrs J Hocking

  • 13-Mar-17 AUS BRED IN GROUP
    Warragul & District K And O Club
    Judge - Mrs S Turner

  • 25-Mar-17 AUS BRED IN GROUP
    Eltham & District Kennel Club
    Judge - Mrs S Mashford

  • 23-Apr-17 AUS BRED IN GROUP
    Greensborough & District K.C
    Judge - Prof Brian Corbitt (NSW)

  • 23-Sep-17 OPP OPEN IN SHOW
    Bullmastiff Club Of Vic Specialty
    Judge - Angela McInnes

  • 24-Sep-17 Reserve Challenge & Open of breed
    Assoc All Mastiff Breeds Specialty Judge - Mr Bas Bosch (Belgium)


  • 1-Sept-18 OPEN IN SHOW
    Bullmastiff Club Of SA specialty
    Judge was breed specialist - Mrs P Cattell

  • 15-Sept-18 OPEN IN SHOW
    Bullmastiff Club Of NSW Specialty
    Judge was breed specialist - Mr Chris Quantrill (UK)

  • 23/9/18 Runner Up Best Of Breed
    Association All Breeds Mastiff Show Specialty
    Judge was Mr Gustaaf Van Den Bosch (Belgium)

  • 23/9/18 Res Challenge 1st Open Dog
    Royal Melbourne Show
    Judge -
    Mr Jeff Horswell (UK)


  • 24/8/19 Res OPEN IN GROUP & OPEN IN SHOW
    Hamilton kennel Club
    Judges - Mrs R Seare (QLD) & Mrs M Schelbach (QLD)

  • 25/8/19 OPEN IN GROUP
    Hamilton kennel Club
    Judge - Mrs M Schelbach (QLD)

  • 24/9/19 RES Challenge Dog
    Royal Melbourne Show
    Judge -
    Mr Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia)




Opposite Baby Puppy in Show
6th National Bullmastiff Specialty Show 2014. 
Judge - Ms Fiona Miller (Meitza Bullmastiffs - Scotland)
This boy has a lovely outline in profile. He has a broad skull with good depth and breadth of muzzle, nice eye and ear. Good reach and arch of neck, lovely straight front with good bone, good depth chest, good body proportions, balanced front and rear angulation. Movement so well in front, rear will come with age.

Junior In Show - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty 20/9/14
Judge - Mrs Yanina Smith (Tas)
Fawn dog. Youngest In Class. Good height to length proportions. Square skull. Slightly short muzzle. Wide mouth, slightly undershot. Small ears. Lovely arch of neck. Firm topline. Would like more slope in pastern. Very good hindquarter angulation. Would like tail set higher. Correct coming and going. Good drive.

Intermediate In Show & Reserve Challenge Dog - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty-  31/10/15
Judge - Mrs Patricia Hall (NSW)
A good quality Class. Well balanced dog, excellent boning. Excellent head type. Good bite. Good open nostrils. Very good strength of muzzle prefer a little more length. Would prefer his eyes darker. Excellent tight feet. Moved very well. A very balanced dog.

2nd Intermediate Dog - Bullmastiff Show Of NSW -10-Sep-16
Judge - Breed specialist Mr Bradley Richards (UK)
Fawn dog good pigment, could do with a bit darker eye, a bit short in muzzle, good width of under jaw, nice deep chest, liked his front and rear construction, level topline, moved very well.

Best Exhibit In Show - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty - 30/10/16
Judge - Mrs Dimitry Alexander Raamsdonk (Netherlands)
Compact build, square skull, short and blunt muzzle, pronounced stop, correct bite, v-shaped ears of correct size well placed and carried, dark brown eyes. Strong well arched neck. Strong build, good strong bone, stronger pasterns desired. Deep brisket with good spring of ribs, strong topline. Tail placement could be a bit higher ideally, good length of tail, sufficient agulation, nice coat, excellent condition.

3rd Open Dog - 7th Bullmastiff National Specialty Show QLD - 24/6/17
Judge - Mrs Susan Cox (Colom kennels UK)
Moved well with straight topline and good drive. Square, well boned dog, square head, level mouth, good expression.

1st Open Dog, Reserve Challenge & Open Of Breed - Association All Mastiff Breeds Specialty - 24/9/17
Judge - Breed Specialist/Author - Mr Bas Bosch (Belgium)
Lovely type and size. High quality dog with plenty of substance in a clean cut package. Well developed head with a broad deep muzzle. Strong stop. Lovely cheeks. Broad flat skull. Lovely sized and well carried ears. Textbook wrinkles. Well placed and shaped decent coloured eye. Quality legs and feet. Clean cut extra solid front. Lovely neck. Plenty of rib. Lovely underline. Strong back and loins. Well angulated at knee and hock. Would prefer a slightly higher tail set. Slightly out of coat at the moment otherwise in excellent condition. Easy going temperament. Quality mover with a nice covering of ground. Grade - Excellent.

1st Open Dog, Runner Up Best Of Breed, Reserve Challenge & Open Of Breed - Association All Mastiff Breeds Specialty - 23/9/18
Judge - Mr Gustaaf Van Den Bosch (Belgium)
Strong dog, good size. Nice head but a bit short in muzzle. Sufficient dark eye and mask. Slight undershot. Very nice neck & topline. Deep & broad chest. Good angulations. Very strong mover.  Grade - Excellent.

2nd Open Dog - Bullmastiff Club Of Victoria Specialty - 13/10/18
Judge - Mr Albert Hope (UK)
5 yr fawn BM of lovely breed type. Nice broad skull with well set ears. Good broad muzzle but could be a tad longer to be ideal. Good bite. Well finished front with good bone and tight feet. Good reach of neck and short level back and good rear angulation. Moved out well.






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